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Frontier Safety and Supply
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Alaska's best selection of AEDs, trauma kits and first aid supplies!

Our goal at Frontier Safety and Supply is to offer the best products, supported by staff who are industry experts, while still maintaining competitive prices. We carry AEDs, trauma kits, first aid stations, and a great selection of refill supplies. If you are looking for help building a custom kit, or simply just in need of a few replacements, we are here to help.

Comprehensive Product Catalog Coming Soon…

You may request a copy of the product catalog by filling out the following form. We will email the catalog out when it is complete.

First Aid Kit Refills

Check out our AED, First Aid Kit refill, Eye Wash maintenance services. We offer flat rate pricing, and an individualized plans to meet your needs. With every refill we sanitize the kit and ensure compliance with necessary standards.

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