Frontier Safety and Supply
Frontier Safety and Supply
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About Us

Frontier Safety and Supply is excited to celebrate our 15-year Anniversary.  

We recently opened up our Anchorage Training Center.  Now offering over 12 CPR classes monthly at our location. Of course, we continue to offer trainings upon request at your location.    

Retail opportunity is available by appointment only.  We take pride in offering the highest quality products at competitive prices. Happy to refill or customize first aid and disaster preparedness kits upon request.

At Frontier Safety and Supply, we know first-hand the importance of providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices possible!  We offer safety supplies and training to help you stay safe at work, or return safely from your adventures!

We only stock tried and true products that we personally use and trust. Our expertise and product selection to help you accomplish your safety goals in the urban, rural, home or workplace.

We take pride in our ability to offer you the individual attention you need to be prepared for whatever may cross your path! Don’t settle for anything less than the personalized attention you receive at Frontier Safety and Supply.  We customize kits for FIRST AID, DISASTER and EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS in order to ensure that your safety needs are met!

Frontier Safety and Supply is Making Safety Affordable!