Frontier Safety and Supply
Frontier Safety and Supply
20 Mile Sunrise

Custom Kits

Frontier Safety and Supply will truly customize any kit we sell.  You will never have to buy a trauma kit, first aid kit, or disaster kit that has supplies you don't want.  We will open any new kit, remove what you don't want and/or add to it.  We understand that your needs are unique, don't settle for less.

Never again pay for a kit that doesn't meet your needs!  If you can't find a kit that you like, contact us and we will customize one for you!  You are welcome to bring in your old kit or container to be filled.

We create and refill kits for your work place, school, vehicle, home, cabin, boat, RV, plane, ATV, snow machine, backpack or anywhere else you may need!  Come visit our refill wall at our Anchorage storefront and refill your own kit.